The Tree Service Checklist: Know what to consider before hiring a tree service company

Tree removal is coupled with danger so how will you know if you got a good tree service company? Is it enough that we know their technicians are certified, arborist?  

Providing tree service is not an easy task. This task needs knowledge, precision, and experience. It is a specialized profession and service base on research and innovation. As a client, you should not just trust anyone on the truck. Before you hire a service provider, you need to check first the provider you are going to trust your trees and lives with. We have here a checklist to help you find and validate your prospect tree service provider.   

First, check for license and insurance. Legal companies do legal works. So, it goes that when the business has a license, it has also insurance. This is very important considering the calculated risk of the job. This job deals with big and dangerous trees, whether it is cutting off the tree or climbing to trim the branches, the risk is present. Also, it is a security for the clients, that whatever happens, they are insured.   

Business License– License is issued by the issuing authority that is authorized by the State. Always make it a habit to ask your tree service company if they have a copy of their license and check if they have renewed it for this year because renewed license means the company has maintained its requirements and standards to operate.   

Business Insurance– We should not only be swayed by talking because the most company tells you over the phone that they have insurance. And the truth is there’s not. Why is this important? Accidents happen or injuries could happen anytime during their operation that is why insurance is a must. Insurance will cover the damage during the operation. Take note, when a tree service company has no insurance, any damages within the property will not be covered and you as a homeowner can be sued if anyone gets injured. See? Insurance is important so always ask a copy before hiring them.   

Second, check for certifications. Certified persons or providers have their people highly trained and knowledgeable about what they are doing. Arborist itself is different from a certified arborist. Certified arborist studied the standardized way of pruning and removing trees. Knowing that your provider is a certified one will guarantee quality results.   

Third, check their equipment. Do they have the right equipment for the task? Because pruning, cutting, and removing trees require different equipment. Power saws are not everything. Also, equipment is not just power tools but also safety gear. Good tree service companies take care of their men as well. Technicians should wear a helmet, safety glasses, boots, and earbuds. If they need to climb, they should have a climber gear, climbing ropes, and other safety stuff.   

Tree service is not a simple equation task. It is complex and dangerous. That is why do not be afraid to ask questions. You cannot just trust your trees or plants to anyone because growing them takes years of love and effort.   

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